Mountain View


 Hydrotherapy and
Detoxification Center

344 Foleybrook Rd. New Denmark, New Brunswick, Canada, e7g1p8

506-553-2220 or

                 Welcome to our Center

         Mountain View Hydrotherapy is the                    
only complementary Health Center in eastern                              
Canada that offers training and certification in
Colon Hydrotherapy taught by a nationally certified
instructor and member of I-Act (International Association of Colon Therapy).
Michele Cote has been involved in Complementary Therapies for 29 years and is also a Registered Massage Therapist, a member of NBMA (New Brunswick
Massage Association) and a Certified Nutritional Consultant.

           Along with colonics we offer complementary therapies such as  
Therapeutic massage and reflexology.

        Mountain View uses State of the Art Hydrotherapy equipment with
disposables and top of the line Advanced Naturals Digestive Care and
Detoxification Products to assist you in your quest for Health.

         Please take a moment to browse our site as you might find it educational   and informative.